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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Joy of Buying Designer Sample Dresses

You have to be lucky enough to live in the city where there are a lot of local fashion designer based at, such as Sydney & Melbourne. Sydney is home to most well known Australian fashion designers such as Zimmermann, Camilla & Marc, Lover, Akira, Sass & Bide, Romance Was Born, Alice McCall, Kirrily Johnston, Herringbone, Willow, etc.

I bought this Kirrily Johnston sample pinnafore dress for $50, which can retail up to $500. Sample item usually was the 'prototype' product, they either make it to the production or don't (which then is called one off sample). Surprisingly in few occasion they made it to the Runway shows & editorials, but not to the production phase. Some of them is as good as the finished products, and sold in a fraction of the retail recommended price, which I love :)

The downsides in buying  sample clothes are:
  • there's no size nor washing instruction tags. 
  • Selection is limited in terms of colour and size (mostly it's size 10 AUS)
  • In few occasion there were unfinished product samples which need a bit of TLC or repair.
  • Mostly the designers only take cash payment method, therefore no tax invoice.
  • Definitely returns & refunds are not acceptable

Regardless the downside, I still prefer to buy a sample piece (only if it really suits me), rather than paying the full RRP!

Kirrily Johnston sample dress, Satch Gold top, Chanel Classic Jumbo in purple. 
I feel extremely comfortable in this loose top, I wear this top once in a week to work :-)
Worn this over the dress for a corporate look.

Alannah Hill velvet purple heels, to match the light brown & purple outfit. I treasure this heels so much as I bought this heels 8 years ago from Strand Arcade AH boutique, one of my first AH purchase :)

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