"Because sharing is a beautiful thing..."

"Karena berbagi itu indah" (because sharing is a beautiful thing)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keep On Smiling in Cold & Dark Spring Sydney :)

I love pink and it's obvious in these photos. Unexpectedly my grey boots goes well with them. I left these boots once on the bus, but found it later on in their lost & property office. That's it, always remember & be grateful of all the good things that happens to you, don't worry about anything else...
  • Coat & Belt: Alannah Hill
  • Dress & Skirt: Zimmermann
  • Necklace: Mimco
  • Handbag: Chanel Classsic Jumbo
  • Beanie: independent brand, got it from Kirribili market :)
  • Stockings: Leona Edmiston
  • Boots: Alessandro Dell 'Acqua

My sister wearing vintage top to toe, including the D & G print shirt


  1. Love both of those outfits, what fantastic style :)

  2. Thank you hun, I will try to keep on posting ;-)