"Because sharing is a beautiful thing..."

"Karena berbagi itu indah" (because sharing is a beautiful thing)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lover Tilly Lace Dress

Such a simple black lace dress, yet I was thinking really hard in deciding which shoes should I wear with this, I spent most of my lunch break stuck in front of my PC looking at pictures from the internet (such a fashion geek ay?).

As I wore this dress last Friday night, out for dinner with friends in Glebe. It's such a fine french lace fabric,  love it, and felt so feminine in it! I was thinking to myself why not I wore this dress more often, such a waste..  

Lover Tilly lace dress, worn with nude slip with Aldo pumps & a medium Chanel classic in black

with my mbf

Lover Tilly Dress in black with nude slip, from Lover's look book

Lover Tilly Dress in black with black slip, from Net-A-Porter website

Lover Tilly dress in white, from Net-A-Porter website

There’s one simple strappy sandal that I really like to wear with the dress, but I don’t have the same style (maybe I do, but I just couldn’t find it inside my overload shoe cabinet at the moment). It's just the one worn by Rihanna as per magazine clip below. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tight Black Leather Pants for Spring!

I went to Melbourne on Labour Day long weekend to see my close girlfriend who was in the same time visiting Melbourne from Indonesia, so we're super excited as we hadn't seen each other for ages! During my 3 days trip, I 'only' bring 13 pieces of clothing; 2 pants, 2 shirts, 2 wool top, a mink fur vest, a cream hat, a handbag, 3 pairs of shoes and a maxi dress (I didn't end up wearing a pair of shoes & the maxi). For me, Spring in Melbourne is like a Winter in Sydney.. still cold! For pants, I wear jeans during my flights, and the other one is a versatile tight black leather pants which I wore most of the occasions.

The best accessories is your smile, when you are genuinely feel happy inside because you're with someone you love :) Here I wore Witchery grey wool top & a Cheap Monday jeans

On day one I wore:
- Zimmermann cream silk shirt with gold-coloured buttons
- Feather sequins neck piece
- Mink fur vest
- Tight black leather pants
- Chloe cream platform shoes
- Black medium Chanel Classic handbag
- Cream hat

In Melbourne Central

In the hotel room
Day two, we went to Sherbrooke Forrest to feed the wild birds, mainly cockatoo... for some reason they're hungrier and angrier than usual. We put on a brave face, despite we're scare of being attacked! It kind of hurts when they're sitting on your hand, as they're claws are quite sharp. But we still reckon the birds are very cute, especially the Rosellas.

Birds in Grants picnic ground, Sherbrooke Forrest, Melbourne

International sweets shop in Olinda, Melbourne

Pie on the Sky, Olinda, Melbourne

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday Outfit - Zimmermann Bittersweet Nightshade

Gosh.. my first post since March! I'm struggling to keep this blog active, yet refuse to leave it alone. I had my birthday party 2 weeks ago in Darling Harbour, and I decided to wear this Zimmermann dress from S/S 2009/10. Have bought the dress 2 years ago, but never had a chance to wear it until now (does this sounds familiar to you guys?). It's just shows that I don't have many formal events to go to I guess ;-)

Zimmermann Bittersweet Nightshade Dress, Lovisa neck piece, D&G heels 

The runaway version
Sooooo cute!! I wish I had them for my birthday, they will suit the outfit!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Winter Outfit - Zimmermann Halcyon Draped Neckplate Dress

My first post since March, yay (thanks to my CPA exam last 4th of May, I couldn't do any hobby whatsoever for the past 2 months)... Haven't organised my winter wardrobe yet, I'm wearing a summer dress in winter! That day I had yumcha in the afternoon, coffee afterwards in Gloria Jeans, bowling before dinner, and went to Jimbaran Indonesian restaurant in Randwick (the best in Sydney so far). I'm terrible in bowling, but always eager to play & aim to get a strike! That day my new Ruby shoes made the first appearance, I always love hot pink and it's not a colour that is easy to wear of course.

I'm wearing a mink fur vest, Zimmermann Halcyon neckplate dress, Alannah Hill pink cardi, Chanel Jumbo in purple, Ksubi jeans in salmon pink, & Ruby hot pink heels.  

Bought this Ruby heels on sale at $20, bargain!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Zimmermann Idyllic Floral Lace Top

This is one of the hardest Zimmermann piece to pull of.. Most of my male collagues looked puzzled & commented on the fuchsia half-socks that I wore with my Lanvin sandals. "I'm a bit cold, and it keeps part of my feet warm", I said. They thought it was hilarious combo (they guys, I meant) :D

Zimmermann Idyllic Top, vintage pants, Zimmermann Handbag, Lanvin Sandals worn with half-socks

Runaway version from Zimmermann Summer 2011/12 'Halcyon Days' Collection

Window Shopping on The Weekend...

Love the mustard top teamed up with blue long skirt!

Fashion Mecca for Gen Y... eBay!

This is so me :)

eBay Ad in Sydney, Australia - March 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Zimmermann Devoted Back Maxi Dress

My sister is wearing Zimmermann devoted maxi dress teamed up with a pair of havainas lol..
 with tan Chloe  heels

Zimmermann editorial picture
The view of Uluwatu beach from Bvlgari hotel at sunset

My best skincare is..

Have plenty of sleeps & water, and a relaxed mind.
Bali holiday, February 2012, Indonesia

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Casual look for Summer: Zimmerman Floral & Leopard Print Top with Drawstrings

This is me in a casual mode.. Zimmermann floral & leopard print cotton top with drawstrings, Miu miu handbag, Sass & Bide shorts jeans, a vintage belt bought from Kirribilli market, and Ruby flats! I love the fact that this top has adjustable drawstrings in the neck & top arms area, you can choose how low you want to wear the top :) 

On that day I was trying few MAC lippy and fell in love with this red lippy called 'Amorous'. This is by far one of MAC best seller.. I'm not big on make up, but this lipstick makes any dull looks become instantly bright! And yep, in the end I got it alongside 'Lady Danger' orangey lippy (which is another MAC best seller).
I will post a picture of me with 'Lady Danger' on in another occasion.

Clean face

With 'Amorous' lippy on :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!!

This year we have been thinking to go to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney to see the firework. Apparently this spot is the most popular to watch the firework and crowds camped from Friday evening (30th of jan 2011) to score the best spots.

Firstly we’re a bit concerned of the transport. My sister dropped us in Domayne, and she parked her car in this private carpark building for only $10 (which is a bargain, as the building next door charge $25).
After she dropped us off in Domayne, we have to queued for about 45 mins - 1 hour under the sun. The queue is quit slow (but gradually moving) as they security checked each person’s bag to make sure no one bring opened bottled drink, or alcohol (there’s an alcohol ban).  It can a be daunting task to queu for that long under the heat & in the same time bringing all your picnic gears; tents, food, drink etc. As it’s 5 of us we took turn on who should be in queue. Mum waited comfortably in one spot near the entrance with most of our belonging, so it wasn’t too bad.

As we entered the park, we’re glad that they sell cappuccinos, ice cream, hotdogs, burgers, softdrink, and alcohol inside (if only we knew earlier, we won’t bring too many mineral water bottled).  Anyhow the firework show definitely worth waiting!!! 

Here's the link to Daily Telegraph's report http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/revellers-celebrate-new-years-eve-around-sydney-harbour/story-e6freuy9-1226234069147

The queue before the security check point. I'm in Zimmermann leopard print dress & Topshop gladiator sandals

Th midnight firework show - Sydney Harbour Bridge