"Because sharing is a beautiful thing..."

"Karena berbagi itu indah" (because sharing is a beautiful thing)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Work Xmas Party Outfit - Zimmermann Chelsea Playsuit

Just had my work Xmas party last Friday, 9th of Dec 2011. Always love work function as the crowd are always friendly & familiar :) Love the atmosphere, great music, great fun! Oh our theme this year is Miami Beach, held at Convention Center in Sydney Darling Harbour. In the venue, we're spoilt with many 'props' from real Palm trees, gaming arcade, pool tables, photo booths, and tattoo parlour (easy, this has the longest queue). Surprisingly aside from the dance session on the dance floor with colleagues, Motor GP games was my second favorite of the night.There's always funny stories to tell afterwards, which we spent most of following Monday talked about. This is one of the night that I will never forget :)

Pink Caddy!

Live performance by Timomatic, from Australia's Got Talent show

No they're not bouncers, they are good friends of mine at work :) I post this pic as there's something comical about it  :)

I'm wearing Zimmermann Chelsea Scallop playsuit, Balenciaga heels, Rayban aviator, gold hoop earings from Target, and a $3 bangles from the market :)

Taken from one of many photo booths in the party

Editorial picture of Zimmermann Chelsea Scallop Playsuit

I also would like to add Nia's Xmas party pics, which I envy her dress so much! She's wearing Zimmermann Vanishing Drape dress in blue.

No heels needed obviously :)

I always enjoy watching this picture, everything about it was so serene; she looks so calm & beautiful, beautiful  dress, and beautiful scenery with reddish sky in the background. 
Runaway Picture

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