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"Karena berbagi itu indah" (because sharing is a beautiful thing)

Friday, November 25, 2011


Here's some of their collection from last week
Personally I thought they're much fashionable than Diva, with price to match!
Prices range from $9.95 to $39.95, and cheaper for discounted items

This high-fashion looking gold necklace is $39.95

Zimmermann Outlet Sale - 25% Off Already Reduced Price!On

They do this only once every half year, not to be missed!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Joy of Buying Designer Sample Dresses

You have to be lucky enough to live in the city where there are a lot of local fashion designer based at, such as Sydney & Melbourne. Sydney is home to most well known Australian fashion designers such as Zimmermann, Camilla & Marc, Lover, Akira, Sass & Bide, Romance Was Born, Alice McCall, Kirrily Johnston, Herringbone, Willow, etc.

I bought this Kirrily Johnston sample pinnafore dress for $50, which can retail up to $500. Sample item usually was the 'prototype' product, they either make it to the production or don't (which then is called one off sample). Surprisingly in few occasion they made it to the Runway shows & editorials, but not to the production phase. Some of them is as good as the finished products, and sold in a fraction of the retail recommended price, which I love :)

The downsides in buying  sample clothes are:
  • there's no size nor washing instruction tags. 
  • Selection is limited in terms of colour and size (mostly it's size 10 AUS)
  • In few occasion there were unfinished product samples which need a bit of TLC or repair.
  • Mostly the designers only take cash payment method, therefore no tax invoice.
  • Definitely returns & refunds are not acceptable

Regardless the downside, I still prefer to buy a sample piece (only if it really suits me), rather than paying the full RRP!

Kirrily Johnston sample dress, Satch Gold top, Chanel Classic Jumbo in purple. 
I feel extremely comfortable in this loose top, I wear this top once in a week to work :-)
Worn this over the dress for a corporate look.

Alannah Hill velvet purple heels, to match the light brown & purple outfit. I treasure this heels so much as I bought this heels 8 years ago from Strand Arcade AH boutique, one of my first AH purchase :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Corporate Outfits

I wear trousers to work once in a blue moon, as I don't think I look good in them & also I'm a bit lazy to iron them. I picked this one because it has a wide leg, and makes me look a bit taller :) This is one of my favourite business shirt as it has a casual feel, beautiful check pattern & its sleeves is only half lenght which is quite rare. 

Paul & Joe shirt, Wayne Cooper trousers, Rayban aviator

Monday, November 7, 2011

Democracy is Dead?

In Australia no it's not, but I think there are lack or awareness.
That's why we shouldn't stop questioning, and spend less on credit (to avoid another recession).

This is my pictures 2 days ago, and I was wearing:
  • Cue fuchsia top & scarf from Kirribili market
  • Willow yellow pants (a male collague called it a 'MC Hammer pants', as it's wide on tthe top, and it's almost gold colour)
  • Emilio Pucci Satin Heels
  • Chanel jumbo classic handbag
    The Willow pants has zipper in the bottom legs, which I try to capture in this picture

    The original top has a narrow opening, and looks unflattering. I cut it off to make it wide as the style is more classic & versatile
    Bought the scarf for $5 & the bracelet $5 from Kirribili Market. I love to buy random accessories pieces here & there, to be matched with many outfits ideas later on (sometimes as far as half year later).The shoes was bought in around 2006, and it’s a match in heaven with the whole bright outfit!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Courting the love game...

My favourite ANTM girl, Montana Cox, has just been seen dating Nathan Joliffe (Amazing Race winner/ Erin McNaught's ex).
She's still young, and I'm pretty sure we will she her with more other male celebrities in the future.
Just another perks when you're young, freshly famous, and up-coming Top Model... go Monty!!
Make a move on Leonardo while he's in town!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keep On Smiling in Cold & Dark Spring Sydney :)

I love pink and it's obvious in these photos. Unexpectedly my grey boots goes well with them. I left these boots once on the bus, but found it later on in their lost & property office. That's it, always remember & be grateful of all the good things that happens to you, don't worry about anything else...
  • Coat & Belt: Alannah Hill
  • Dress & Skirt: Zimmermann
  • Necklace: Mimco
  • Handbag: Chanel Classsic Jumbo
  • Beanie: independent brand, got it from Kirribili market :)
  • Stockings: Leona Edmiston
  • Boots: Alessandro Dell 'Acqua

My sister wearing vintage top to toe, including the D & G print shirt

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Melbourne Cup Lunch - Lover AAG French Lace Dress

Every first Tuesday of the month in Australia (yesterday), we have a Melbourne Cup (aka the race that stops the nation) where at 3PM everyone stops working and watch the horse race, which was held at the Caulfield race course, Melbourne. It was pretty fun and definitely good for the economy as everyone is betting, either from the offical TAB or office sweepstake, and going out before & after to celebrate on winnings/ loosings :-) I was quite proud of myself, compared to most people in the nations who spent at around $50-$1000 per person (on bets, drinks, and clothing), I managed to only spent $10 haha ($5 on office sweepstake, $4 on Coke, and $1 on Hungry Jacks Choc Top just because it's nearby the pub where we watched the race).

Because my office didn't organise anything special on that day, I opted to wear a simpler dress (at least compared to my last year's outfit - see post below). Beside, we're a bunch of accountants and this week is our busiest week, so we're quite lucky to even managed to sneak out for an hour or so to the local pub.
I'm wearing this French Lace Dress by a cult Australian designer, Lover. It's from AW 2006 collection called "About A Girl", whom Kurt Cobain was the main inspiration. The dress comes in 3 colours; white, peach, and black.
This feminine dress looks a bit egdy in black

Lover French Lace Dress in white

And here's the pics of my sister's, where she won the best DIY Hat contest at her work, where everybody was only given a limited time to create their own hat from similar materials.
My sister with her collague

The Hallowen spirit was still lingering from few days ago...

And this guy on the train also won the best dressed at his work, I think he truly deserves it haha

Men Best Dress - Melbourne Cup 

Kim Kardashian appearance in David Jones Sydney, Thursday 03/11/11

I was out in CBD at my lunch break today and thought I better share this to anyone who intends to come tomorrow.... the queue has started from 12.30pm today!

They prepare to sleep overnight there, bringin folded camping chairs & food :-)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Purchase - Gold Slouch Top by SATCH

I've been cycling at work's event for hours earlier on the day, too tired to took pictures when I was outside, soI took pictures inside instead. I fell in love with this top as soon as I lay my eyes on it, how versatile I thought! It falls nicely on your body and very comfortable too. The neck area is very wide, therefore I have to wear a cami underneath with it, otherwise it will show too many flesh. I can also wear this as a corporate wear, on top of a pencil skirt & a gold necklace (will post the pic another day). The only downside is this top is dry clean only (been trying hard not to have a stain on it as the colour is light).
Satch top, Sass & Bide Rats leggings, a dark brown cami