"Because sharing is a beautiful thing..."

"Karena berbagi itu indah" (because sharing is a beautiful thing)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

LOVER "The White Serpent" Collection

At the moment this red lace by an Australian designer Lover really inspires me. It comes from LOVER "White Serpent" 2011-2012 Spring/ Summer collection. This dress is not like the typical lace dresses & I really love the 'out of ordinary' colour and the cut!
And it seems Miranda Kerr also loving it too ;)

Miranda Kerr in LOVER "White Serpent" Lace Dress

White Sherpent Lace Dress - Runaway

White Serpent Lace Dress - Runaway

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Heart Kirribilli Market!

Kirribilli market is the best market in Sydney in terms of the variety of stall holders & convenience. It sells secondhand or brand new clothes, make up, skincare, food, hand made cakes & pastieries, fruits & vegies, & flowers. It seems to me that not many Sydney Fashionistas know about it. Maybe because it's up towards the North Shore, and you have to cross the Harbour Bridge to go there by car. Or maybe because it doesn't open every weekend & has a tricky calender system (only open every 2nd Sunday & 4th Saturday of the month, with the last one being yesterday - Saturday the 23rd of July 2011).

As Sydney hosts many Australian designers headquarters, there's more people who work in the Fashion industry that live here. Some lucky people get their designers gears for free, or heavily reduced (up to 80% off retail price for faulty items). That explains why many fashionistas brace the cold weather to come here as early as 7AM, hoping to get their hands on designer pieces at such a low price. One time when I was there few months ago I bought few designer items things off the ladies from the biggest Fashion PR company in Australia, Marie Claude Mallat :)   

It's in Milson Pt, next to Luna Park. Conveniently located underneath Milson Pt train station, it can be easily reached by train (catch a North Shore line). It can be a challange to find a car spot there though. Below I took a picture with Luna Park in the background. Bought the vintage sunnies for $5. 

with my sister, we both wearing Lover coats at the same time by coincidence :)

List of my favourite food stalls:
  • The Dutch poffertjes/ Dutch pancakes dessert $9 for pancakes with the lot (cream & ice cream)
  • The Japanese Okonomiyaki (savoury pancake), the stall run by the Japanese as they're 2 of them selling the same pancake
  • Indian pancake, with curried potato & cheese inside, dipped in sweet chilly sauce.
  • Sugar cane juice (very rarely available though)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday Is Alannah Hill Day

I wore these for work on Friday last month. I didn't planned to take pictures of the outfit on that day, and the skirt was crinkly after standing up & down few times at work. I wore mostly red to celebrate the end of the week with myself. My best friend (who also a colleague of mine) said “you look so red today, and pointing out that I might need to take off cherry thights. Personally I think it was not bad, but it made me look stand out among my other colleagues (who mostly wear smart attireas we don't have casual Friday), so I took off the cherry tights shortly after the pictures were taken.

Alannah Hill Wool Cardi “Have a Lie Down”
Alannah Hill Silk Top “I Spotted You"
Alannah Hill Silk Cami "Cry Me A River"

Alannah Hill Skirt "Oh Well Oh Dear”
Alannah Hill Cherry Tights

Alannah Hill Belt ‘I Whimper I Scream”

Enrico Antinori Pink suede heels, it’s an unpopular Italian shoe but suits most of my Alannah Hill outfits


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Work Outfit Ideas

From time to time I try to mix & match formal/ cocktail dresses with a work clothing to be worn for work

Camilla & Marck Marsha Frock, worn as a skirt
The full dress will look like this...

Beautiful Sunny Saturday in Woolwich Dock

It's winter in Sydney at the moment, but thankfully the weather is sunny & bright today! My father is in Australia this month visiting us, so we took him to this cafe/ restaurant called "Deckhouse"in Woolwich Dock. Surprisingly not many people know about this place, maybe because it's a bit out of the way from CBD, and also many public transports coming here (the nearest one would be a Ferry to Woolwich ferry wharf). We only had drinks & desserts as we just had Yumcha for lunch, but definitely I'd like to come here again as the atmosphere is very serene & it has a very beautiful view to CBD :)

The outfits:

I'm wearing an Alice McCall cotton stripes dress, can't remember the name, it comes from one of her collection from years ago (circa 2008-2009). I like to wear this dress because it's very comfortable and low maintenance. I also wear my sister's Portmans structured cardi & Lover Hell's Angels leather jacket. Leather belt from Saba.

The Chanel quilted handbag

Marc Jacobs patent flats

The venue:
From Deckhouse cafe, we had a Lemon cake with mascarpone cream, & a Chocolate mousse with peanut butter ice cream. Nowdays for drinks I like to order chai tea latte.

The restaurant & its view, it's great for wedding venue as well
The history of Woolwich Dock

The accessories:
The 60s sunnies (Topshop)
& mimco pink necklace
Here's the review of the restaurant from Eatability website:http://www.eatability.com.au/au/sydney/deckhouse/