"Because sharing is a beautiful thing..."

"Karena berbagi itu indah" (because sharing is a beautiful thing)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday Is Alannah Hill Day

I wore these for work on Friday last month. I didn't planned to take pictures of the outfit on that day, and the skirt was crinkly after standing up & down few times at work. I wore mostly red to celebrate the end of the week with myself. My best friend (who also a colleague of mine) said “you look so red today, and pointing out that I might need to take off cherry thights. Personally I think it was not bad, but it made me look stand out among my other colleagues (who mostly wear smart attireas we don't have casual Friday), so I took off the cherry tights shortly after the pictures were taken.

Alannah Hill Wool Cardi “Have a Lie Down”
Alannah Hill Silk Top “I Spotted You"
Alannah Hill Silk Cami "Cry Me A River"

Alannah Hill Skirt "Oh Well Oh Dear”
Alannah Hill Cherry Tights

Alannah Hill Belt ‘I Whimper I Scream”

Enrico Antinori Pink suede heels, it’s an unpopular Italian shoe but suits most of my Alannah Hill outfits


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